Who’s more selfish?

I’ve heard lots of commentary lately having to do with selfishness.

  • Rich people are selfish for resisting a higher tax liability.
  • Republicans are selfish for wanting to slow government spending.
  • Tea Partiers are selfish for wanting to limit the size & scope of government.
  • Taxpayers are selfish for not wanting to fund public workers desires to legislate a higher standard of living than they enjoy.
  • Etc., etc., etc!

 In my experience, these claims couldn’t be further from the truth.

When governments buy their support through entitlements, and those entitlements begin to be viewed as rights: Rights that are paid for by someone else, that seems to me to be the very definition of selfishness.

No one who benefits from government largesse says ‘Thank You’. It is much more common for them to say ‘What more can I get?’.

In what world is that not selfish?


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