Who Benefits?

The latest news on the environmental regulation front is that the average household’s energy costs will increase by 40 to 60 percent by 2014 as a result of EPA environmental regulation.

These rates will “necessarily skyrocket” in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by coal-fired generating plants.

We’ve been told that greenhouse gas emissions are the leading cause of Anthropogenic Global Warming and that anyone would have to be a total flat-earther to deny the threat. Wouldn’t they?

Well, maybe not. Even though we are currently producing greenhouse gas faster than we previously expected, the planet doesn’t seem to be warming as all the models predict. As a matter of fact, the planet hasn’t warmed at all during the past decade, even though we continue to spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at higher levels than ever before.

I think there must be something else behind our insistence on rationing energy through governmental interference. Maybe we should be looking at who benefits from this manipulation.



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