Ten conservative principles


As a follow-up to the previous post, I’ve discovered a wonderful list of conservative principles which seem to embody the best of conservative thought in a concise list.
In his book, The Politics of Prudence, Russell Kirk writes of the following Ten Conservative Principles:

1. First, the conservative believes that there exists an enduring moral order.

2. Second, the conservative adheres to custom, convention, and continuity.

3. Third, conservatives believe in what may be called the principle of prescription.

4. Fourth, conservatives are guided by their principle of prudence.

5. Fifth, conservatives pay attention to the principle of variety.

6. Sixth, conservatives are chastened by their principle of imperfectability.

7. Seventh, conservatives are persuaded that freedom and property are closely linked.

8. Eighth, conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism.

9. Ninth, the conservative perceives the need for prudent restraints upon power and upon human passions.

10. Tenth, the thinking conservative understands that permanence and change must be recognized and reconciled in a vigorous society.


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  • Mara,I thought the video was good, too. I love heinrag MLK speak. And your link to the Huff Po, Kerry Kennedy’s article, is the speech RFK made the night of MLK’s death. We both saw that DVD where RFK made that speech and how powerful it was. The comments under that article were good .and alot of the commenters said that RFK would’ve been a great president. I couldn’t agree more. This country would’ve been a much better place.

  • lelaki ni bos bahagian IT kat company aku.. baru je join.. xsampai 6 bln lg.. mmg ada dgr citer die ni tunang betty benafe.. dah nak kawin dah yer.. semoga bahagia..

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