I wonder what took so long?

The President today released his long form birth certificate.


After at least 3 years of dodging, avoiding and otherwise protecting this document, it finally sees the light of day.

I’ve never understood why he didn’t simply produce it when asked. There doesn’t seem to be anything embarrassing there. And yet, it’s been reported that he has a rather sizable investment in protecting his pre-politics life from any type of scrutiny.

If it’s no big deal now, why was it for such a long time?



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  • We are all Obama, and Obama is We. Reminds me of the sheephold in North Korea, the ideal liraebl utopia, crying uncontrollably for Dear Leader when he finally did the world a favor and died. They shot a general yesterday who didn’t mourn enough. They would cry for Obama too.

  • Gratulerer med jubileet og ogsÃ¥ gratulasjoner til vinnerne. Jeg rakk dessverre ikke Ã¥ delta. Men denne helgen er jeg her :-) Ja jammen har vi hatt regn sÃ¥ det monner. Plager ikke meg enda, men det gÃ¥r vel en grense hos meg ogsÃ¥. Inntil videre prøver jeg og kose meg som best jeg kan. I styggeværet. God helg til deg og dine.

  • I bought a nice copy of Dostoevsky's "The Dream of a Queer Fellow" the other day, and I didn't snigger even a little bit. A proud moment.

  • Excellent! You're right. It just so happens I bought a can of refried beans not knowing what to do with them, and now I have this to enjoy. Oh yes, cannot wait to try this one.

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