Hyphenated Americans

In America, we revel in our diversity by labeling various ethnicities with hyphenated names. We have African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native-Americans, Muslim-Americans, etc.

We also seem to have the opinion that the main component of respecting someone with a different skin tone than us is to accentuate the differences and call it diversity.

I guess that’s all well and good if your goal is to maintain a level of separation between the various groups, but as I understand it, that goes against the very concept of America. We are no longer a ‘melting pot’ of the worlds cultures, peacefully co-existing under a common national identity.

No, that wouldn’t provide the ‘diversity’ that’s required to keep different groups from looking suspiciously at each other. It takes away our ability to apply identity politics within our system of governance, encouraging specific groups to align themselves with specific political ideologies.

I’ve never heard reference to an African-German or Muslim-Australian or Hispanic-Canadian. Have you?

Maybe those other countries don’t have such a vested interest in identity politics as we do. I think that’s something we could aspire to as well.


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