A Servant’s Heart

I’ve been thinking about the concept of a servant’s heart lately. Not in a religious sense, but rather from a secular perspective.

It comes to me as I consider my relationship with my family, my employer and my country.

A servant’s heart doesn’t require that I act in a subservient manner, but that I take responsibility for my role within each of my relationships. For example, in my role of husband, father and grandfather, it is my responsibility to place my wife, daughter and grandchildren’s interests above my own with the hope that in return, they will do the same.

Politically, I must put the long-term best interests of my community and country before my short-term interests. I may struggle at times, but I must always remember that just because I can vote myself an entitlement from the public coffers doesn’t mean that I should.

I’d like to see our political parties take on that approach to their governing philosophies. We’d all be better off for it.


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